Dogs: Mike, Peppermint, Heidi, Dolly, Buddy, Pippy, Biscuit, Bandit, Sugar, Eddie, Brody, Batman, Rusty, Pico, Clooney, Carlos, Marcey, Polly, Otto, Coaltrain, Zola, Kim, Sophie, Missy, Bernie, Coco, Jett, Taylor, Max, Kasey, Hollie, Roxie, Freddy, Billy, Wilbur, Ellie Mae, Teddy, Dulce, Willow, Emily, Ozzie, Lucy, Kenya, Kelly, Joe, Rose, Elizabeth, Ace, Lucky, Jade, Milly, Gwen, and Kyrah

Cats: Roxi, Jerry, Jack Frost, Tawny, Pepe, Lucky, Coco, Missy & Zoe

  Rescued and provided a good home: