We had been thinking and talking about growing our family for well over a year before we began the adoption process                                                     with Underdog Railroad. We had visited local shelters and humane societies trying to get a feel for what we could offer to                                             a dog. Throughout this process we had done a lot of research on dog rescue organizations and where rescue efforts were                                             most needed. It came as a shock to us when we learned about the high numbers of animals that are surrendered in high kill shelters in the United States. There was no question in our minds that it was these animals, who would otherwise face euthanasia, that we wanted to open our home to. We were put in touch with Susan at Underdog, who was incredibly supportive and helpful to us throughout the process of finding a dog that was a good fit for us. It was very evident to us that it was a priority for Underdog to ensure that the dog we were matched with both fit our lifestyle and abilities in order to ensure a forever adoption. Long story short, Eddie has been an incredible addition to our lives and we couldn't imagine our home without him. He surprises us every day with his resiliency and devotion to us. We cannot thank Underdog enough for saving Eddie, bringing him into our lives and their ongoing support to help us to find ways to best settle him into his new home. Eddie's smooth transition into our home is a testament to your advice, support, and dedication to each animal you rescue. Thank you!

                                            Last Spring/Summer I had the opportunity to foster a couple of dogs for the UDR. These dogs both had very different                                                       personalities and stories but sadly they had ended up in the same situation. No family, no love, and no place to call home.                                               Thanks to the UDR both of these dogs could be fostered with me where families could come and meet them to see if they                                               were the right fit for their family. As hard as it was for me to say goodbye, both dogs were adopted to great families.
                                           One of these dogs in particular had come to me absolutely petrified of humans, didn’t want to move, and simply cowered in                                            a corner. I saw some small improvements while she was with me but the pictures that I saw once she had been with her family for a while were absolutely amazing. She had opened up, learned to trust humans again and now had a home that all dogs deserved.
These dogs could not have been given a chance to have a life without the help of the Underdog Railroad. They are truly making a difference for so many amazing animals. I am so happy that I could have a part in it as well and hope that I can continue to do so in the future.

                                               We had the absolute privilege of adopting our dog from the Underdog Railroad this past year! The entire                                                                                process was extremely seamless, and it is clear that the team shows absolute vigilance in ensuring that                                                these dogs end up in the perfect situation for them to thrive. After a quick meet and greet with Kasey and                                                                              her foster, we knew that she was the dog for us.

                                              Kasey came to us a timid, curious shelter dog eager to break out of her shell. It didn't take long for the                                                                                     timidity to turn to confidence (the curiosity has remained!). You would be hard pressed to find a happier, friendlier dog                                                    who’s love and affection are only surpassed by her playfulness. Although she is always eager to chase a ball, toy, or                                                        stick, she also loves her time spent lying in front of the tv with her loved ones.

What has truly impressed us is how smart Kasey is. She caught on to the house rules incredibly quickly and has been aiming to please ever since. She never chewed a thing and she very quickly learned that the bathroom is outside and that although she gets excited, it’s best to greet people with all four legs on the floor!

We can’t thank the Underdog Railroad enough for all of the work put in to getting Kasey to us, and all of the other dogs to forever homes. We knew immediately when we met Kasey that she was the dog for us, and it truly has been a life changing experience for the entire family (and Kasey!). We are forever grateful!