All animal lovers have one. The animal that pulls at your heart and changes your life. Dee had one named Buddy, I had one named Diesel, and we all had one named Mike. Mike is the reason the Underdog Railroad formed, and Mike is the reason we continue to rescue animals. A dog so badly treated that I wouldn't blame him for hating other dogs and hating the human race. Instead we found a dog that loves life, loves people, and loves other dogs. He brings joy to his family every day. Mike, now Jorge, is the handsome man captured in our logo..

     We, the ladies of the Underdog Railroad, are just regular people who are trying to help dogs, one at a time, from our own pockets and schedules. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of saving the lives of the dogs and cats we have saved together.

     We do what we do because of dogs like Mike.. Stay tuned for Happy Tails and updates of all our dogs and cats in their forever homes!

     Also, please get in touch with any one of us if you would like to help by providing a 'forever home' to an animal in need, by fostering a dog or cat, by donating towards care and treatment of our fosters, or by dropping off gently used collars, leashes, beds and toys. The more help we get, the more lives we can all save together.

Much love and much thanks,
~The ladies of the Underdog Railroad